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Misc Things

bit-booster-2017.01.17.1-debug Version

This is version 2017.01.17 with extra tracing turned on.
Download it here: https://bit-booster.com/bit-booster-2017.01.17.1-debug.jar
Or copy & paste this URL directly into Bitbucket's "Manage Add-Ons" --> "Upload Add-On" URL box:

Codegeist 2016 - Bit-Booster Git Graph for JIRA

Here's our entry to Atlassian's Codegeist 2016!  


Any version of JIRA between 6.2 to 7.2.x (inclusive).





More Details

This add-on has some dependencies you must setup beforehand.

  1. Your JIRA instance must be connected to a Bitbucket Server instance (via "application links").
  2. Bit-Booster Commit Graph and More add-on must be installed in your Bitbucket Server. It does not need to be licensed.



Cropped Screenshot from Bit-Booster Git Graph for JIRA: