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SLA and Privacy Statement

Applicable Apps:

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We will respond to all support requests sent to within 48 hours.

During our HQ region's statutory holidays (BC, Canada), our response time is guaranteed within 72 hours.

Data Security and Privacy Statement

Bit-Booster apps never store any data outside of your Bitbucket and JIRA instances, and they only transmit data between these instances and your users' computers.

The staff of Bit-Booster Software Engineering have no way to see any of your JIRA, Bitbucket, or Git data, and no way to communicate with any Bit-Booster app installs. Bit-Booster apps never "phone home".

Source Code Availability

Commercial and/or Academic licensed customers may request the source code for any Bit-Booster app via We require a commitment of non-disclosure over email before we share our source code.

If you need to see the source code before making an installation decision, please purchase a license, request the code, and then initiate a refund via Atlassian's 30-day no-questions-asked refund policy should you subsequently decide against installation.

Note: We do not share our source code with unlicensed, evaluation, open source, or community (a.k.a. non-profit) customers.